The ultimate tool carrier: CR10

The ultimate solution for hard-to-reach locations: The CR10 tool carrier

The Herder CR10 is a powerful and radio-controlled tool carrier. This multi-purpose vehicle is designed for real professionals in the green sector. Its compact design and low centre of gravity make it ideal for working in hard-to-reach areas and on steep slopes of up to 55 degrees. The independently adjustable tracks make the Herder tool carrier ideal for rough terrain.

The CR10 is powered by a 55 hp water-cooled 3-cylinder diesel engine. Optionally, a 74 hp 4-cylinder can be chosen. The CR10 can be fitted at the front with various attachments such as a flail mower or stump grinder.

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The versatility of the CR10 tool carrier allows it to be used for a wide range of purposes and in all conditions. From mowing roadsides and dykes to removing stumps. With the CR10 you work safely and at a distance with maximum power.

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CR10 The complete tool carrier
  • Powerfull 55 PK or 75 PK Motor
  • Radio controlled
  • Available tools: stump grinder, flail mower, forestry mower and weed brush
CR10: The robust mountain climber
  • Independently width-adjustable tracks
  • Height-adjustable rear side of the machine
  • Independently rotating tracks for maximum grip
CR10: Maximum Performance
  • Maximum performance even in extreme conditions
  • Highly intuitive and accurate operation
  • Compact and manoeuvrable
CR10: The ultimate solution
  • Ideal for working on steep slopes or in hard to reach places
  • Climbing angle of not less than 55 degrees
  • A very robust and strong machine