Produits spéciaux

Rapier BK

This machine is suitable for flailing verges and ditch slopes. The Rapier BK can be mounted normally on the 3-point linkage of the tractor, making it easy to switch between tractors. The Rapier BK is often used as an extra machine which is put to use in the busiest period of the mowing season.

Grenadier MBK240

This Herder was developed specially for businesses that want to mow on both the left and the right of the vehicle. A JCB Fasttrack is used as the basis in this example.


The Herimag might not look impressive, but its perfor- mance certainly is. The Herimag was developed specially for ditch maintenance on 1.50 metre-wide inspection paths and can take mowing buckets of 2.50 and 3.00 metres. Several boom lengths are available for the Herimag.

Custom made booms

An example of a specially commissioned machine, with the boom constructed on the nose of the tractor. This makes it possible to mow in (narrow) sunken roads.


Herder develops machines based on a wide range of vehicles. This an example shows a loader as the basis. The removal of the original loading boom made the vehicle suitable for vegetation maintenance, for instance.


Herder developed this machine for working on road shoulders with minimal traffic measures.