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Herder is a global player in the development and building of machines used to manage ditch, verge, tree and bank maintenance.  Herders are also deployed for the maintenance of hedges and, for example, parks.

Experienced and skilled workers passionate about technology work at Herder. People who build machines which are highly reliable and which meet the highest requirements. In addition to standard solutions, Herder also custom develops and builds machines according to the requirements and wishes of the client.

Working at Herder involves actively applying your skills and each day seeking new horizons regarding what is technically possible.

Due to the expansion of our business activities, we are immediately looking for skilled workers or people eager to learn the job.

What can we learn from you?

Looking for a fun and challenging internship? Herder always has room for enthusiastic and ambitious trainees at MBO, HBO and WO levels in the fields of engineering, marketing, finance and logistics.

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Marketing Trainee

Marketing Trainee