The Ecochopper is an innovative mower with a built-in chopping unit, based on the principle of a disc mower. The mower has several advantages over the traditional flail mower.

The Ecochopper does not have a suction effect during mowing, as is the case with flail mowers. As a result, flora and fauna are not sucked into the mower and litter remains on the ground. By leaving seeds on the ground, a variety of ecosystems are created. The adapted ground following roller avoids unevenness in the ground and there is minimal soil contact. Animals that live on and in the ground will therefore experience as little disturbance as possible while mowing the verge. The Ecochopper can also be equipped with a scent curtain that repels insects and thus keeps them at a distance.

By means of the built-in shredding unit, the cut grass is reduced to just a few centimetres and can be collected immediately in one operation by means of a suction unit. By shredding grass in the right way, the grass cuttings are suitable for processing into compost or for generating biogas or hydrogen. The purity of the grass is an important factor in the yields, especially when processing grass clippings into biogas. Sand and soil cause wear and tear in fermentation plants. The Ecochopper is ideally suited to getting the maximum yield from the grass clippings.

The machine has a low power requirement, so less fuel is used. This is not only advantageous, but the user also places a minimal burden on the environment. The biggest advantage of the Ecochopper is that nature is managed in a natural way and damage to flora and fauna is reduced to a minimum. The ideal mower for sustainable verge management where dredging is not permitted.


Working width: 165 cm 125 cm
Drive:  Hydraulic  Hydraulic  
Required hydraulics: 120 L/min 120 L/min 
Required hydraulic pressure: 250 Bar  250 Bar
Maximum hydraulic pressure: 350 Bar 350 Bar 
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The Ecochopper has several advantages:

  • No or little sand and litter in the grass clippings;
  • No suction effect, so seeds and insects remain on the ground;
  • Low fuel consumption;
  • Mowing and chopping in one pass;
  • Suitable for maintenance where dredging is not permitted;

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