The ecomower is ideally suited for the maintaining of rough vegetation such as at road verges. The ecomower mows the vegetation by means of a rotating rotor with ‘loose’ hung flails attached to this. Through the rapidly rotating flails, the vegetation is cut off and thrown out at the rear by the flails.

The Herder ecomower is very versatile and can be coupled to various machines. Optionally, instead of a rubber safety flap, a conveyor belt unit or an auger unit can be mounted for lateral pass vegetation or for removal by means of a suction unit.

The advantage of the ecomower is that it can mow tall vegetation with branches and irregularities. Moreover, through setting the adjustable counter knife, the remains can be either left longer or cut shorter. What’s more, mowing in this ‘eco’ position requires less power. This makes the Herder ecomower economical in use. The ecomower is available in the following working breadths: 1.30 – 1.50 – 1.80 – 2.25 m.


KMU130.SS+AF: 40 x 12 approx. 130 approx. 397
KMU150.SS+AF: 40 x 12 approx. 150 approx. 417
KMU180.SS+AF: 40 x 12 approx. 180 approx. 481
KMU200.SS+AF: 40 x 12 approx. 200 approx. 511
KMU225.SS+AF: 40 x 12 approx. 225 approx. 561
KMUW130.SS+AF:  Heavy-duty wood flail approx. 130 approx. 434
KMUW150.SS+AF: Heavy-duty wood flail approx. 150 approx. 478
KMUW180.SS+AF: Heavy-duty wood flail approx. 180 approx. 526
KMUW200.SS+AF: Heavy-duty wood flail approx. 200 approx. 566
KMUW225.SS+AF: Heavy-duty wood flail approx. 225 approx. 629
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The Ecomower has several advantages: 

  • Suitable for maintaining rough vegetation, such as at ditch slopes
  • Vegetation is mowed with a rotating rotor with ‘loose’ hung flails
  • Suitable to mow tall vegetation with branches and irregularities
  • Available in working breadths 1.30 – 1.50 – 1.80 – 2.25 m.

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