The Grenadier is the most versatile and most powerful tool carrier from Herder which can be used for the most diverse purposes in all situations, whether this concerns the maintenance of verges, ditches or plants and shrubs. More than 15 types of attachments can be attached to the Grenadier. The mowing boom is mid-mounted to the side of the tractor. This gives the driver a better view of the equipment. Furthermore, the physical load of the driver is reduced as a result of which an ergonomic workspace is created.

A standard model of the Grenadier is available with reach between 6.40 meters and 8.80 meters. On request, Herder can even develop arms which have a reach of 11 meters.

Various attachments can be attached to the boom set with which ditches, verges and plants and shrubs can be maintained. The movements of the booms and the attached attachment can be controlled with utmost precision from the tractor cabin by way of an innovative operating system. You can find all the Grenadier boom combinations in the brochure below.

You can also equip your Grenadier with a suction fan to remove mown grass to a hitched dump cart. Herder supplies high quality suction hoses which meet all requirements and have an acceptable lifespan under normal operating conditions. The extractor is easy to maintain, as the fan housing can be opened easily and the suction hose can be removed. The hose is available in ø 300 mm.


  s LS LSH
Tools 170 bar: 10-55 l. 15-55 l. 15-55 l.
Tools 250 bar: 30-120 l. 30-120 l. 30-120 l.
Minimum tractor power: 60 kW 60 kW 80 kW
Minimum tractor weight: 4500 kg 4500 kg 4500 kg
Lifting capacity with standard boom length: 840 kg 840 kg 840 kg
Standard working radius with mowing bucket: 640 cm 640 cm 640 cm
Options: Suction unit, various boom lengths and combinations
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The Grenadier has several advantages:

  • Suitable for maintenance of roads, ditches and vegetation
  • Suitable for 15 attachments, also available with suction option
  • The mowing boom is mid-mounted to the side of the tractor
  • Standard reach between 6.40 m and 8.80 m
  • Herder can develop arms which have a reach of 11 meters


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