Herder has specially developed the Musketier for verge maintenance. A powerful and maneuverable machine which is suitable for lighter tractors. The mowing arm is, just as by the larger Herder models, mid-mounted to the side of the tractor which gives best results. A machine which is cost effective, which always guarantees the best mowing result and, with the standard mounted Nivotronic system, provides that the machinist can work in an ergonomically responsible manner. With the Musketier from Herder you can only expand and push your limits.

The Musketier is standard delivered with a flail mower which leaves behind a good mowing pattern. But it is also a mower which enables the machinist to perform maximally with the minimum effort. The flail mower is standard equipped with Nivotronic. This revolutionary system changes the flail mower into a self-controlling mower. By means of various sensors in a well thought-out construction, the course of the terrain is measured through which the machine corrects itself.

Nivotronic also has several functions that support the machinist, such as a control which ensures that the mower remains parallel during the slewing of the boom. The damage to trees and street furniture is of course also limited due to this control.


Tools 150 bar: 10-40 I.
Tools 350 bar: 60 I.
Minimum tractor power: 60 kW
Minimum tractor weight: 4500 kg
Lifting capacity with standard boom length: 600 kg
Standard working radius: 540 cm
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The Musketier has several advantages:

  • Cost-efficient mowing arm
  • Suitable for road maintenance
  • The mowing boom is mid-mounted to the side of the tractor
  • Standard reach of 5.40 m
  • Standard with Nivotronic system

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