Heavy pruning lopper

The Herder Heavy pruning lopper is suitable for cutting woody vegetation, such as hedges and trees, up to a diameter of 100mm. The heavy pruning lopper is standard equipped with the Herder quick-change system and can be linked to a machine with a boom. With the double hydraulic swivel head, it is possible to use the heavy pruning lopper horizontally and vertically.


Working width: 135 cm  180 cm 220 cm 260 cm
Required hydraulic: 40 L/min
Required hydraulic pressure: 150 Bar
Maximum hydraulic pressure: 200 Bar 280 Bar
Weight: 250 kg 290 kg 310 kg 350 kg
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The Heavy branch cutter has several advantages:

  • Suitable for cutting woody vegetation such as hedges and trees
  • Horizontal and vertical use using the swivel head
  • No flying wood chips
  • Cut branches up to a diameter of 100mm


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