Roadside maintenance

Herder has developed a range of attachments for road maintenance.

A good example is the ecological mower, which is specially developed by the demands for environmental mowing. In addition, there is also an innovative ecological mower with a built-in chopping unit Ecochopper . This machine offers diverse advantages compared to the standard flail mower.

With the Crash barrier mower, you can literally reach the most and with the weed brush, you can also work effectively. The mobile stump cutter is highly maneuverable and can reach virtually any position.

The ecomower is ideally suited for the maintaining of rough vegetation such as at road verges and the Herder CR10 is a powerful and radio-controlled tool carrier for professionals in the green sector.

CR10 tool carrier


Ecological mower


Crash barrier mower

Weed brusher

Stump cutter