Fish Protector

Maintenance of waterways is crucial for the disposal of excess (rain) water. Keeping the many types of watercourses free by mowing is a crucial part to ensure the flow. Herder’s mowing buckets are the most commonly used tools to keep the waterways free of vegetation.

The Fish Protector MK01 is developed to prevent fish mortality by mowing the waterways. During mowing operations, the survival of our flora and fauna is taken into account as much as possible. The Code of Conduct Code of Nature for Water Boards requires, among other things, that as many nature-friendly types of equipment are used as possible and protected species should be harmed as little as possible by the job.

Fish friendly mowing

The Fish Protector MK-01 consists of four strobe lamps that provide flashlights. These lamps are directly mounted on the mowing buckets(left and right on the centre-column and at both the ends of the basket).

The lamps are small and are impact- and scratch-resistant. Depending on the water quality, the flashes reach up to 5 meters. The flashes of light will alert fish and cause them to flee due to the shock reaction to the light. This mostly prevents fish from ending up in the mowing bucket. Through the use of the Fish Protector, an important contribution is made to the follow-up of the Code of Conduct Act Nature Protection for Water Boards. With the Herder Fish protector on the mower, you will achieve more.

The Fish Protector has several advantages:

  • Fish friendly mowing of the waterways
  • Directly attached to the mowing bucket
  • Prevents fish from ending up in the mowing bucket

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