Tree shear

The Herder tree shear can be used to cut bushes, branches and even whole trees. Two strong gripper arms ensure the cut material is held firmly. This allows the cut material to be brought down in a controlled manner. Herder tree shears are available in three variants: the KS650, the KS730 and the KS860.

The use of high-quality materials in combination with the construction of the gripper arm bearings and blades guarantee a long life time. The design of the blades and the choice of cylinders also ensure a clean cut without splinters. The fixing of the blades and cylinders permits fast and efficient working. The tree shears are fitted with a collecting fork as standard for better control of the cut material.


  KS650 KS730 KS860
Excavators: 3-8 ton 7-10 ton 8-18 ton
Connection: Double-acting hydraulic function
Required hydraulics: 60-80 l/min 40-80 l/min 80-100 l/min
Maximum hydraulic pressure: 300 Bar
Length: 131 cm 135 cm 170 cm

Width knives opened: 

79 cm 99 cm 108 cm
Opening width: 48 cm 70 cm 68 cm
Height: 52 cm 101 cm 126 cm
Weight: 258 kg 360 kg 528 kg
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The Tree shear has several advantages:

  • Suitable to cut bushes, branches and even whole trees
  • Ensures a clean cut without splinters
  • Available in three variants: the KS650, the KS730 and the KS860

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