The Cavalier is a cost-efficient mowing arm attached to the side of the tractor in the same way as the larger Herder mowing arms. The standard Cavalier arm length is 6.60 meters and 7.35 meters with an optional sliding jib.

The Cavalier can be deployed for numerous purposes. A tool for maintaining ditches and roadsides is connected to the rotating jib set. The movements of the jibs and tool can be controlled with extreme precision from the tractor cabin by means of a simple, electronically operated joystick. The mowing arm can be rotated to the back and fixed in place for safe, secure transportation.


Tools 150 bar: 10-40 I.
Tools 330 bar: 90 I.
Minimum tractor power: 60 kW
Minimum tractor weight: 4500 kg
Lifting capacity with standard boom length:  600 kg
Standard working radius with mowing bucket: 550 cm
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The Cavalier has several advantages:

  • Cost-efficient mowing arm
  • Suitable for maintenance of roads and ditches
  • The mowing boom is mid-mounted to the side of the tractor
  • Standard reach of 6.60 m
  • With electronically operated joystick

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