Mowing bucket

The mowing bucket is designed to mow grass and reed-like vegetation in ditches and watercourses, both above and under the water. Everyone wants a good mowing result, but everyone also wants an outline of the costs. With its fifth generation ‘MR’ mowing buckets, Herder proves you that you can achieve both. Herder mowing buckets have been developed to perform to the full in all conditions.

Maximum performance

This starts with the well thought-out design of the mowing bucket and all of the moving parts. Moreover, exclusive use is made of high-quality materials which guarantee a long lifespan. A unique design, the application of the best materials in combination with quality workmanship gives an unequalled tool. A mowing bucket that performs everywhere and at all times.

The best end result begins with the Herder mowing bucket

The MRL Mowing Bucket, a lighter model, is ideal for the Herder Grenadier and medium-sized excavators. The Mowing Bucket MRZ, the heavier version of the mowing bucket, is suitable for wheel and crawler excavators. You can also choose from different widths, from 2.5 to 5.5. metres. You can even reach widths of up to 8.6 metres by combining two mowing buckets. Furthermore Herder has two ‘ultra-light’ models in its range, with 2 and 2.5 metres working widhts. These are ideal for a mini excavator in connection with the weight/stability. You simply achieve more with the Herder mowing bucket.

  • MSFT is suitable for mini excavators up to 5 tonnes
  • MRLT is suitable for midi excavators and tractors from 5 to 8 tonnes
  • MRT is suitable for excavators from 8 to 17 tonnes
  • MRZZT is suitable for heavy excavators from 16 tonnes


Mini excavators up to 5 tonnes: MSFT 200.KB 40 ca.22 ca.190
  MSFT 250.KB  40  ca.22 ca. 215
Medium excavators 5 – 8 tonnes:  MRLT 250.KB 53 approx.40 approx.303
Tractors:  MRLT 300.KB 53 approx.40 approx.315
   MRLT 430.KB 53 approx.40 approx.403
   MRLT 550.KB 53 approx.40 approx.483
Excavators 8 – 17 tonnes: MRZT 250.KB  57 approx.40 approx.331
  MRZT 300.KB  57 approx.40 approx.360
   MRZT 430.KB 57 approx.40 approx.447
  MRZT 550.KB 57 approx.40 approx.538
Excavators more then 16 tonnes: MRZZT 430.KB 57 approx.40 approx.514
  MRZZT 550.KB 57 approx.40 approx.633



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The Mowing bucket has several advantages:

  • Mowing bucket for ditch maintenance
  • Available in light and heavy models
  • Suitable for various machines, including Herder Grenadier
  • Available in various working widths, max. up to 8.60 m
  • Maximum return at minimum cost


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