HERDER BV was established in 1947. The company from Middelburg made an international breakthrough with a unique, patented mowing bucket, introduced in 1964. The mowing bucket was a revolutionary concept which laid a base for worldwide success. In 1997, Herder was awarded the King Willem I plaque in the category environment and energy.

The mowing bucket gave the company a huge competitive advantage. From this leading position, new machines, mowing arms and specialist tools were developed and launched on the market. In order to meet the increasing demand, a new larger factory was opened in 1983.

In 1986, Herder launched the Grenadier on the market and was again a leap forward. This innovation grew to be renowned all over the world. The Grenadier is a versatile and powerful tool carrier, which can be used for the maintenance of verges, ditches and vegetation. More than 15 attachments can now be mounted to the Grenadier. The Cavalier and Musketier were to follow later.

The Cavalier is a compact all-rounder. The Cavalier, because of its compact dimensions and lighter weight, is extremely versatile. For this machine, there are mowing arms with a standard length of 5.50 metre or 7.35 metre available.

The Musketier is ideal for mowing road verges. A flail mower is mounted to the rotating boom, which is equipped as standard with the “Nivotronic” system. This provides for automated ground contour following of the flail mower.
In 2004, the factory complex was expanded to 3350 m². During this period, a large number of innovations and product improvements were also implemented, such as joystick controls, stronger booms and up to 350 bar hydraulic power. It was also a period during which the company began to specialise in the development and manufacture of specialist machines to order.

In 2011, Herder strengthened its product portfolio with the addition of the Fermex stump grinding machine range. This product line closely fits in with the current product portfolio of Herder. The Herder factory in Middelburg manufactures the stump grinders itself.

Herder machines are used in more than 30 countries worldwide, and because of this, the company can justly call itself a global market leader for verge, ditch and vegetation maintenance machinery.

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