Herder One

The solution for verge and ditch maintenance.

Herder One

The Herder One is a versatile machine which can be combined with a mowing bucket or a flail mower. Of course, it is also possible to use the machine with other Herder attachments like the crash barrier mower or the weed brusher. This versatility means that the machine can be used all year long, as easily at the waterside as well as along a motorway.

Hydraulic perfection

In the Herder One, the hydraulic unit is integrated into the machine, which keeps the pressure perfect under all conditions. A hydraulically controlled cooler maintains the optimal operating temperature. To leave nothing to chance, we decided to use technology that has proven itself. For instance, the same cylinders are used as in the Grenadier, and that also applies to the hydraulic switch and control valves.

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At Herder we have all the knowledge in-house to realize your custom-made machines for roadsides, ditches and plant maintenance.


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