Alamo Group The Netherlands adds a new machine to its range under the Herder brand to contribute to more sustainable roadside management.

The Herder Ecochopper

The Herder Ecochopper is an innovative mower with a built-in shredding unit based on the principle of a disc mower. The seeds remain on the ground because the mower has no suction effect. This increases biodiversity along road verges. The absence of airflow and the adapted track roller ensure that the fauna stays alive. Additionally, The shredding unit reduces the clippings to just a few centimetres. In this way, the clippings are optimized for processing into bioenergy or can serve as raw materials for recycled materials such as paper.

The mower was developed by the brothers' Piet and Wilko Regnerus from Rema. Alamo Group The Netherlands and Rema have agreed that Alamo Group The Netherlands will take over the patent of this innovative mower and develop it further. Alamo Group The Netherlands will also distribute and promote the Ecochopper under the Herder brand.

Sustainable verge maintenance

The sustainability of verge maintenance is becoming more and more critical. Good flora and fauna management ensures more biodiversity in the verges. By using the Ecochopper, insects have a better chance of survival, and seeds remain on the ground. This is good for biodiversity and thus for a healthy ecosystem. In addition, the disposal of mowed grass costs municipalities a lot of money every year. Yet the potential of adequately cutting grass is enormous. Besides compost, properly mown grass can also be used to produce biogas, hydrogen and even paper or furniture. It is essential that the grass clippings do not contain any soil or sand particles and that the grass particles are reduced to just a few centimetres.

The Ecochopper has no suction effect during mowing, as flail mowers would have. As a result, flora and fauna are not sucked into the mower, and litter remains on the ground. By leaving seeds on the verge, a more varied ecosystem is created. The adapted track roller avoids unevenness, and there is minimal ground contact. Animals that live on and in the verges will experience as little disturbance as possible while mowing the roadsides. The Ecochopper can also be fitted with a specific scent that repels insects and thus keeps them at a distance.

Getting more out of verge grass

We are receiving increasing feedback from the market that there is a need for a sustainable way of mowing. Not only to protect flora and fauna but also to deal with waste sustainably. The Ecochopper offers a solution and allows contractors and municipalities to reduce costs by processing grass clippings into biogas or other raw materials.

Through the built-in shredding unit, grass clippings are reduced to just a few centimetres and can be collected directly in one operation using a suction unit. By shredding grass in the right way, the grass cuttings are suitable for compost processing or generating biogas or hydrogen. The purity of the grass is an essential factor in the yields, especially when processing grass clippings into biogas. Sand and soil cause wear and tear in fermentation plants. The Ecochopper is ideal for getting the maximum output from the grass clippings.

Another advantage of the built-in shredder is that cut grass can be immediately disposed of by using a suction unit in one operation. The Ecochopper is designed to maximize the yield from the grass clippings.

The Ecochopper is one of the products in the range of sustainable solutions for ditch and verge management offered by Alamo Group Nederland. Previously, they introduced the Fish Protector for the Herder mowing basket. This innovation prevents fish mortality when cleaning ditches and waterways. Under the brand Conver, they produce a 100% electric mowing boat. In this way, Alamo Group The Netherlands and its brands contribute to the circular economy and to reducing CO2 emissions.

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