New colour design Herder booms and tools

We proudly present Herder's new colour scheme.

For the anniversary of Herder 75, we have refreshed and redesigned a previous temporary anniversary design of Herder 65. From 2023, we will produce all Herder machines and tools in this new design.

  • Tank - Nuanced anthracite elements on the base. The inside of the tank has also been redesigned.
  • Boom - Both the cylinders and the pivoting part are entirely anthracite. In addition, the excavator and quick connection will also be in anthracite.
  • Tools- Rear roller, drive, and again, the cylinders are finished in anthracite.


The boom and the tank will remain in the Herder yellow colour familiar to you. The addition of anthracite makes this colour stand out even more.

Introduction for all machines, tools and parts from deliveries after 1-1-2023.

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